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Didn’t know Bobby Fischer was such a nutroflbot-njjv.jpg 


Party Animal Killed

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 th_elephant.jpg50-yr-old party elephant succumbs to peer pressure, gets shot by police. Drunk youths spared.

 Witnesses told The Associated Press the elephant stomped on beer and soda bottles and attempted to eat broken glass. They reported drunken party goers taunting the elephant by throwing bottles, lighting fireworks, flashing car lights, hooting and even plucking hairs from the animal’s tail and slapping its rump. 

Angry Elf

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A rogue elf in Canada has been mailing obscene letters to children. So far the elf has traumatized 10 children.

Until the elf is caught, Canada’s entire “Write to Santa” program will be shut down. The operation was 11,000 elves strong with over a million letters written last Christmas.

That seems a little extreme. Little Canadian boys and girls get to hear back from Santa! With only 10 in 1,000,000 odds of getting verbally assaulted. Take those chances, kids.

Glow Cats

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Scientists have made more progress fighting human/cat afflictions. The side effect is that you glow in the dark.

Political Machine

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Earlier today a robot harassed Bill Clinton on the campaign trail. The robot was angry about Bill’s criticism of rapper Sister Souljah in 1992. At the moment, few details are known…

Did this robot travel from the past? Future? What is it? 90’s culture bot? Heckle bot? Hip-hop bot? Assassain bot? Sent by whom? Political enemy? Robot underground? Robot Sky Command? Sister Souljah? Is it safely imprisoned? Enemy combatant? More than one? Isolated incident? Hillary okay? Chelsea? Under siege? Judgement Day? Did the robot have an accent? Dialect?English, right? Were tasers effective? Water guns? Why Bill? Why now?

More as the story develops…

This could be it, John.


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A shark jumps above surface, eats swimming kangaroo.

“The two or three-metre long shark leapt out of the water and attacked the unfortunate roo as it paddled out to sea.”


5-year-old descendant of Davy Crockett kills 445 lb. bear.
From Grandpa:

“And Davy supposedly killed him a bear when he was three.”

From 5-year-old mini-Crockett:

“Paw-paw I squeezed the trigger and I didn’t close my eyes. I killed him.”‘

lawl christmas

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